Patient Resources

 The following are some useful links for immunizations and travel health information.


Comprehensive vaccine information in a friendly, easy to read format.

Information about vaccinations, diseases, and CDC's vaccination recommendations for your travel area.

Adult and child vaccination schedules, vaccine availability, vaccine information statements.

Destination-specific information about vaccinations and diseases. The service is free, but you will be asked to register to use this site.

Bureau of Consular Affairs web page. From this page, travel warnings, public announcements, consular information, health information, and many other links can be found.

Information about country demographics or profiles and detailed epidemiological information about diseases and outbreaks.

Information about vaccinations, diseases, and environmental/climatic conditions around the world.  This site also offers information about English speaking doctors practicing in the region of the world you will be visiting.

The intellicast weather web site is easy to use and provides additional information that travelers may want to know about their destination.

Lonely Planet publishes over 650 guidebooks.  Their website offers information such as travel and health advice, traveler forums, and other services.